Who’s Gonna Take the Weight?

Who’s Gonna Take The Weight? is an “in your face” portrayal of African American and black south African youth focusing on similarities and contrasts in their lives and how the two groups assess issues of future leadership personal values and cultural identify. Shot on location in New York and Soweto this doc which is both uncompromising and striking gives visceral expression to the aspirations frustration and insights of these young people as they negotiate their places in their changing societies. By combining the techniques of video reporting and music video, Speight goes beyond convention wisdom to inform us of the daily problems of the youth. Through the accounts of these youth from different countries we can see there is a common heritage in their different colonial pasts. Supported by the contagious beats and lyrics of African American rapper Tupac Shakur and South Africa’s Bayete the keepin’ it real insights of Who’s Gonna Take The Weight? is a missive of hope and warning as to the potential of today’s youth. The film had its world premiere on the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) television on June 16, 1997 as part of South Africa’s National Youth Day celebration commemorating the 21st anniversary of the Soweto massacre. In 1999, it was selected for screening at the 52nd Cannes Festival in France..

video | 55 mins | 1997